The three organizations, the Pickleball Hall of Fame, USA Pickleball, and USA Pickleball Hall of Fame, have reached an understanding, that if completed, would result in one Pickleball Hall of Fame. This enhanced organization would be formed by representatives from the three bodies that would produce enhanced bylaws and a new Board of Directors.
The overall purpose of this action is to create the best Pickleball Hall of Fame to honor all those already enshrined and those yet to come.

The 2022 Inductees to the Pickleball Hall of Fame are:

Contributor Category
Norm Davis

Competitor Category
Pat Kane
Larry Moon
Wes Gabrielsen

Our 2022 class of inductees, are truly exceptional. Please share this historical moment when our inductees will receive their Pickleball Hall of Fame Gifts: a jacket, plaque, ring and business cards at an awards dinner to be held in conjunction with the Margaritaville National Pickleball Championships. For more information or to order tickets click here.


Honor the inductees

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