Guidelines for the Pickleball Hall of Fame

A) Location
Pickleball Central- Kent, Washington.

B) Purpose
The Pickleball Hall of Fame will recognize individuals who have achieved exceptional results in pickleball play over the course of their career, as well as those who have made exceptional contributions to the growth, development and leadership of the game. All candidates should have also demonstrated a high level of character, integrity, sportsmanship and consideration for others and thus earned the respect and admiration of their peers.

C) Categories
Competitors, Contributors

D) Criteria
1-Any person can submit an application form nominating an individual from the above 2 categories (it’s possible that a candidate crosses over multiple categories) The person nominating a candidate will be responsible for submitting the appropriate application form properly filled out by the January 1 deadline to the chair of the nominating committee.

2- The nominating committee will be comprised of 9 individuals who will review all application forms submitted. A chair person will be selected by the nominating committee by majority vote.

3- It’s recommended that all nominees in the competitor, contributor category have a minimum of five year’s participation in the sport of pickleball. Exceptions will be allowed by the nominating committee.

4- The nominating committee will screen the application forms and by majority vote select a maximum of 10 individuals to be considered for induction and presented to the selection committee by August 1. Nominating committee members will serve a 3-year term to be staggered to avoid committee turnover. The chair person will keep the applications of all candidates recommended to the selection committee in a permanent file.

5- The selection committee will be comprised of 7 members who will review the candidates recommended and by majority vote select no more than 3 individuals in any year for induction into the PHOF. Decisions should be made by August 15 to provide enough time for gift production.

6- The inaugural year of the Pickleball Hall of Fame (PHOF) a maximum of 6 individuals from any of the above 2 categories will be inducted.

7- Announcements of the PHOF final nominees will be made at the US Open Pickleball Finals.

8- The year’s inductee’s will be introduced at the USAPA National Championships where plaques will be presented to each inductee. A jacket & ring will be presented at the PHOF banquet/dinner. A photo/plaque of each inductee will be on permanent display at the home of the PHOF located in Kent, Washington.