2023 PHOF Inductee

Mona Burnett


Mona Burnett



BORN: December 28, 1957, in Morden Manitoba, CANADA

PLAYS: Right-handed


  • Elementary School, Roland, Manitoba, CAN
  • High School, Carman Collegiate, Carman, Manitoba, CAN
  • Business Education Teacher / Bachelor of Education, Red River Community College / University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN


  • Volunteer referee (before there was referee certification)
  • Volunteer linesperson for final matches (always stayed until the bitter end to support those who played in the gold medal match)
  • Volunteered my time to multiple club exhibitions in both the United States and Canada
  • 2015/2016 USAPA Nationals Clinic Instructor
  • Ambassador and Canadian flag bearer at the US Open Flag Ceremony (2016-2018)
  • Wrote “Tips from the Pros/Did You Know?” for the PCO (Pickleball Canada) Newsletter
  • IPTPA Certification
  • IPTPA Regional Trainer for Alberta, Canada
  • 2017/2018 Eric Schuette PTSD Awareness Pro-Am and clinics
  • 2018 Pro-Am, exhibition and clinic in Sky Valley, Wyoming
  • 2018/2019 Administration and instruction of pickleball clinics throughout western Canada
  • Registered with many new tournament players to launch their tournament career
  • Registered for the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)


Mona grew up on a farm in the small rural town of Roland, Manitoba. She had an older sister, a younger brother, and parents who always made sure that there were as many opportunities as possible to explore any sport of interest. Sporting activities were the foundation of her family life. As a young girl, ice skating and hockey were the preferred winter sports, and softball was the preferred summer activity when she wasn’t riding her horse. Once in high school, volleyball and fastball were her main focus as well as being very involved in the Athletic Council of Carman Collegiate. Volleyball became her passion, which she then pursued in college. She played for the Red River Community College Women’s Volleyball team for three years, earning a provincial championship each year. During the off-season, she played and competed on up to three different fastball teams throughout the summer season. As her post-secondary education came to a close, her opportunities to play these sports dwindled as relocating to secure employment in rural Manitoba became imperative. A new sport, curling, became the sport to learn and conquer.

In the summer of 1980, Mona was married in Roland, MB, and packed her bags to start a new life in Drayton Valley, Alberta. From 1980 through 1988, Mona gave birth to three beautiful daughters. As her opportunity to play sports was considerably curtailed, she remained interested and involved as much as possible with golf and curling. In January of 1993, her family moved to Jakarta, Indonesia. She continued playing golf and added tennis for a short while, then transitioned to squash. While living in Jakarta, Mona secured a teaching contract with Jakarta International School, and it was during this time she was first introduced to pickleball. A group of teachers would get together after school and play this crazy game with a whiffle ball in the elementary school gymnasium. It wasn’t until Mona was living in Arizona in 2007 that pickleball would re-appear on her sporting radar. She was out riding her bicycle one beautiful sunny day in Sun City Grand when she heard the popping sound of the pickleball. Not remembering her experience from 15 years prior, she pulled into the courts and began asking questions. She signed herself up for an introductory lesson, bought her first paddle (Pro-Lite), and the rest is, as we say, history. She never put her paddle down and simply grew with the sport. It was a wild and fun ride, and there is nothing she would change about her pickleball journey. The people that she met and the friendships that she made will forever be a large part of her life.

In 2018, Mona moved back to Canada permanently to be closer to her ever-growing family. In the ten years that she lived in Arizona, she added six grandchildren to her nest (five grand daughters and one grandson). She now lives in Diamond Valley, Alberta, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and continues to be in awe of the beauty that surrounds her. She has put her competitive pickleball paddle down and has once again picked up her golf clubs. Each day, she pulls her clubs with her EV scooter to the local golf course, walks 18 holes, and continues to try and conquer the sport of golf. It is a monumental challenge but her pickleball experience has taught her that anything is possible. She enjoys each and every day and when the golf clubs are put away, she spends time riding her bicycle and walking with her little furchild, Fergie. It is a simple life but one that continues to be ever so rich in wonderful experiences.

Mona With Timothy Nelson
2017 US Open Mixed Doubles Gold Medal match

US Open Mixed Doubles

Forever friends with PB greats!!! Jen Lucore, Gigi LeMaster, Alex Hamner, Helle Sparre
Gold at Grand Canyon State Games 2012 with Enrique Ruiz
Luba Zhekhovskaya.the Canadian Dream Team!!!

Happy Trails Mixed 2015. Scott’s inaugural mixed doubles tournament

Five gold medals at the 2015 USAPA National Pickleball Tournament
A family barbecue with every family member in attendance. A rare occasion!!!
Mona and her best friend, Fergie
Mona and her girls toasting a Happy Mother’s Day in May of 2023


2009 USAPA Nationals

  • Women’s Doubles 50+ Silver (with Mary Whitfield)
  • Women’s Singles 50+ Gold
  • Mixed Doubles 35+ Gold (with Tim Hatzenbeler)

2011 USAPA Nationals

  • Mixed Doubles 19+ Gold (with Tim Nelson)
  • Women’s Doubles 50+ Bronze (with Linda Hoggatt)
  • Mixed Doubles Open Gold (with Tim Nelson)

2011 Huntsman World Senior Games

  • Women’s Singles 50-54 Bronze
  • Women’s Doubles 5.0 Bronze (with Linda Hoggatt)
  • Mixed Doubles 50-54 A Gold (with Pat Kane)

2012 USAPA Nationals

  • Mixed Doubles 19+ Gold (with Tim Nelson)
  • Women’s Doubles 19+ Gold (with Tonja Major)
  • Women’s Doubles Open Silver (with Tim Nelson)

2012 Huntsman World Senior Games

  • Women’s Doubles 5.0 Gold (with Gail Dacey)
  • Mixed Doubles 55-59 A Gold (with Allen Hager)
  • Women’s Doubles 55-59 A Silver (with Linda Gartlan)

2013 USAPA National Tournament

  • Women’s Doubles 50+ Gold (with Lydia Willis)
  • Mixed Doubles 19+ Bronze (with Timothy Nelson)

2014 USAPA Nationals VI

  • Women’s Singles 55+ Gold
  • Women’s Doubles Sr Open Gold (with Luba Zhekhovskaya)
  • Mixed Doubles 19+ Silver (with Matt Staub)

2014 Huntsman World Senior Games

  • Women’s Doubles 50-64 Gold (with Roxanne Pierce)
  • Mixed Doubles 55-59 A Bronze (with Randy Bourne)
  • Women’s Doubles 55-59 A Gold (with Roxanne Pierce)

2015 Pickleball Canada National Tournament

  • Women’s Doubles Open Silver (with Gigi LeMaster)
  • Women’s Singles Open Bronze

 2015 USAPA Nationals VII

  • Women’s Singles 55+ Gold
  • Women’s Doubles 55+ Gold (with Luba Zhekhovskaya)
  • Women’s Doubles Sr Open Gold (with Luba Zhekhovskaya)
  • Mixed Doubles Sr Open Gold (with Scott Moore)
  • Mixed Doubles 55+ Gold (with Tyler Sheffield)

2015 TOC (Tournament of Champions)

  • Mixed Doubles Legends Open Silver (with Larry Moon)
  • Women’s Doubles Legends Open Gold (with Luba Zhekhovskaya)
  • Women’s Singles Legends Open Silver

2016 USAPA Nationals VIII

  • Women’s Doubles 50+ Bronze (with Diane Ahern)
  • Women’s Doubles Sr Open Silver (with Kris Anderson)
  • Mixed Doubles 50+ Gold (with Scott Moore)

2016 Huntsman World Senior Games

  • Women’s Singles 55-59 Gold
  • Mixed Doubles 55-59 A Silver (with Larry Moon)
  • Women’s Doubles 55-59 A Silver (with Leslie Anderson)

2016 TOC (Tournament of Champions)

  • Mixed Doubles Legends Open Bronze (with Larry Moon)
  • Women’s Doubles Legends Open Silver (with Gigi LeMaster)

2016 Minto US Open

  • Mixed Doubles Sr Open Silver (with Scott Moore)
  • Women’s Doubles Sr Open Gold (with Bonnie Williams)
  • Women’s Doubles 50+ Gold (with Bonnie Williams)

2017 Huntsman World Senior Games

  • Women’s Doubles 50+, 5.0 Silver (with Helle Sparre)
  • Women’s Doubles 60-64 A Gold (with Helle Sparre)

2017 Minto US Open

  • Mixed Doubles Sr Pro Silver (with Tyler Sheffield)
  • Women’s Doubles Sr Pro Bronze (with Bonnie Williams)
  • Mixed Doubles 60+ Gold (with Tyler Sheffield)
  • Women’s Doubles 50+ Silver (with Bonnie Williams)

2017 Pickleball Canada National Tournament

  • Women’s Doubles Open Bronze (with Luba Zhekhovskaya)

2018 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships

  • Women’s Doubles 60+ Gold (with Helle Sparre)

2018 Minto US Open

  • Women’s Doubles 60+ Gold (with Helle Sparre)