2022 PHOF Inductee

Norm Davis


Norm Davis


BORN: August 17, 1933 in Pontiac, Michigan

PLAYS: Right handed


  • Waterford Township High School, Pontiac, Michigan
  • International Correspondence School


Norm was a charter member of the USAPA Board and served for 10 years as the Director of Training. He made over 60 training videos that demonstrated basic pickleball techniques. He also created a template for teaching pickleball in schools. He initiated the USAPA Grant Program which provided equipment to over 200,000 new players nationwide. Norm consolidated Places to Play data from several sources to create a comprehensive, interactive list that has grown to over 50,000 Places to Play. Prior to his involvement with USAPA, Norm organized a volunteer group to teach students in four local high schools in Surprise, AZ. That group started in 2003 and continued through 2018. In 2007, Norm was one of the key individuals helping to raise $25,000 to get public pickleball courts established in Surprise. These public courts now host many annual pickleball tournaments that draw players from around the country.


Norm grew up in Pontiac, Michigan. Throughout his life, he always had an interest in sports. He played three years of varsity baseball in high school even though he was only 5’3” when he graduated. He played Triple A softball for General Motors from 1956  to 1959, and played Open A Racquetball in the 1980s. During the 1960s, Norm helped get Little League baseball started in Santee/Lakeside, California.

Norm spent his working career in cost accounting, working for General Dynamics in San Diego, then for Datagraphics San Diego. He was introduced to pickleball in 2000 after moving to Surprise, Arizona. He enjoyed watercolor, painting landscapes and people over the years. He also has made a hobby of building furniture and cabinets for family and friends.

Norm and Steve Wong present $25,000 to the city of Surprise in 2011 for new pickleball courts
Pickleball Hall of Fame Class of 2022
L-R Pat Kane, Larry Moon, Norm Davis, Wes Gabrielsen


USAPA National Pickleball Tournament:​

  • 2009​​ Silver – Men’s Doubles 75+ with John Sproehnle
  • 2010 Gold – Men’s Doubles 75+ with Charlie Robinson
  • 2011 Bronze – Men’s Doubles 75+ with Charlie Robinson

USAPA Nationals IV:

  • 2012 Silver – Men’s Doubles 75+ with Richard Northup

USAPA Nationals V:

  • 2013 Silver – Mixed Doubles 80+ with Joyce Jones
  • Bronze – Men’s Doubles 75+ with Richard Northup

USAPA Nationals VII:

  • 2015 Silver – Men’s Doubles with Artie Wachter

USAPA Nationals VIII:

  • 2016 Silver – Men’s Doubles 80+ with Artie Wachter

USAPA National Championships:

  • 2017 Silver – Men’s Doubles 80+ 4.0 with Artie Wachter

Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships:

  • 2018 Silver – Men’s Doubles 80+ 3.5 with Earl Hill

Huntsman World Senior Games:

  • 2010 Gold – Men’s Doubles 75-79 with Ken Kraft
  • 2011 Silver – Men’s Doubles 75-79 with Ken Kraft
  • 2012 Bronze – Men’s Doubles 75-79 with Richard Northup
  • 2016 Gold – Men’s Doubles 80-84 with Fred Eggen
  • 2016 Gold – Mixed Doubles 80-84 with Essie Faria
  • 2017 Bronze – Men’s Doubles 80-89 with Fred Eggen
  • 2021 Gold – Men’s Doubles 85-89 with Fred Eggen